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Air Ticketing

We live in a digital age where everything is at our fingertips. Buying tickets online seems like a convenient option. So why come to us? It’s all about the human touch.

At One Travel Park we ensure our customers get the very best in airline fares by tapping into our vast resources and connections with leading international and domestic airlines across countries, thereby providing you with unlimited range of routes, discounts and amenities.


The most stressful part of travelling always involves getting your paper work in order. visas tend to suck out the fun of the holiday itself.

Why don’t you leave the hassle to us? We ensure you have the right documentation for your destination and support you in the scary event of a lost or expired passport. We fill the forms, submit the papers and even collect the visas for you! All you need to worry about is that pesky last minute packing!

Holiday Packages

How many times have you ended up going to your dream destination but been underwhelmed because of inadequate planning?

That’s why we have our convenient Holiday Packages. We arrange the whole itinerary for you according to your preferences. We customize your day to day activities to perfectly suit your needs.

Through our wide and extensive network we also take care of your ground transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, etc. so your whole family can avail all the joys of a vacation in one convenient package.

Hotel Reservation

Though the whole point of a holiday is to get away from home for a while it never really is that easy! The moment you’re away you start to miss the comfort of your cozy bed.

At One Travel Park we make it easy for you to book any kind of hotel or lodging anywhere in the world – be it a 3 star all the way up to a 7 star property, depending on your preference and budget. We facilitate special services like room upgrades, Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast etc.

It’s our duty to make you feel at home when away!

Travel Insurance

Suffering a theft or a medical emergency is always an unpleasant occurrence but more-so when travelling. Getting help in a foreign land where they don’t speak your language can be a very daunting proposition especially in the event of loss of a passport. And then there’s the possibility of lost baggage and flight cancellations which can cost a passenger dearly.

Availing of travel insurance minimises these risks and allows customers to breathe easy when they set out for their adventures.


Looking for cruise packages? Book cruise holiday and packages online with One Travel Park and get best deals on Star cruise Virgo, Europe cruise packages and more. Visit now. Planning to go on a unique holiday? Try out one of the cruise holidays. Choose from destinations across the world such as Maldives, Egypt, Singapore and many others.

The travel company offers two types of cruise holiday packages: personalized and group packages. You can select the one that suits your vacationing spirit.

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