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Land of Dracula

Rugged stone churches and dazzling monasteries dot a pristine landscape of rocky mountains and rolling hills. Things for which Romania is famous include: the Carpathian mountains, sculptor Constantin Brancusi, wine, salt mines etc..One of the wildest areas in Romania, the Carpathian Mountains are also home to some of the last remaining virgin forests in Europe

  • Best Time to Visit: Mid May - Mid September
  • Languages: Romanian, English
  • Currency Romanian leu (RON), EURO
  • Safety: Good
  • Nightlife: Excellent
  • Local Food: Sarmale

Top Cities

  • Bucharest

  • Cluj-Napoca

  • Constanta

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Romania is from

  • Mid May - Mid September

Summer is from June to August; usually torrid and dry. Spring is from March to May; fairly mild. Autumn is from from September to November; rainy season. Winter is from December to February; quite harsh with frequent snowfall. September is the best time to visit Romania for autumn colour, plus an explosion of mushrooms.

A Few Handpicked Itineraries

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