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Land of a Million Elephants

Vivid nature, voluptuous landscapes and a vibrant culture collide with a painful past and optimistic future to make Laos an enigmatic experience for the adventurous. It is known for its forest and its waterfalls and you can also try the delicious local food which has Thai and Indian influences.

  • Best Time to Visit: Oct - April
  • Languages: Lao, English
  • Currency Lao Kip (K), United States Dollar (USD)
  • Safety: Excellent
  • Nightlife: Good
  • Local Food: Laap

Top Cities

  • Luang Prabang

  • Pakse

  • Vientiane

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Laos is in the:

- Dry Season( October - April)

The Laos dry season spans from November through April. The winter months from December to February are dry and warm – an ideal time to visit Laos for sightseeing and for exploring outdoors.The monsoon season falls between May and October.

A Few Handpicked Itineraries

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