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Japan is known worldwide for its traditional arts, including tea ceremonies, calligraphy and flower arranging. The country has a legacy of distinctive gardens, sculpture and poetry.

  • Best Time to Visit: June - Aug
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Currency Yen
  • Safety: Excellent
  • Nightlife: Excellent
  • Local Food: Sushi

Top Cities

  • Kyoto

  • Osaka

  • Tokyo

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Japan is

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Autumn (September to November)

This is when Japan is at its most vibrant, with delicate cherry blossom or bright red leaves adding contrast to the scenery. Remember, it can also be very crowded at this time.

A Few Handpicked Itineraries

  • Cultural Osaka

  • Essential Tokyo

  • Japan in a week

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